Photos By Beth Saravo

For Immediate Release

Pretty Lights x Akomplice “The Kit”

From the mountains of Colorado to travels that have taken them the world over, Pretty Lights and Akomplice are cut from the same cloth. They both exist to innovate. In the same way that Pretty Lights was revolutionary to the electronic movement, Akomplice also helped pave the path for modern-day streetwear. It is under this framework of shared history and mutual respect that they decided to join forces. Together they created this essentials pack intended to enhance the summer festival experience.

The items are being sold à la carte, or as a kit. Only 200 units of each item was produced. The collaboration will be releasing on the Akomplice Webstore July 13th 2018, at 11:30am MST.



  • An iconic WWII trench lighter.
  • The signature AK grinder.
  • Palo Santo to light and clear your energy.
  • Festival Walkie Talkies
    • Channel 1 for Pretty Lights fam to connect.
    • Channel 2 for special announcements from Pretty Lights.
  • A bandana to protect your face at shows.
  • A crystal x-cube to refract light at shows.
  • A dopp kit for everything to live within.
  • Lastly, a notebook for high-vibe, magical ideas. Write them down, reflect on them and remember that this is the first step in breathing them to life.


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