Photos: Beth Saravo
Creative Direction: Mike & Patrick Liberty
Models: Patrick Brini & Nicolas Mallet




For Immediate Release

Akomplice VSOP Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Akomplice continues to traverse an unexplored path with the brand. After hearing about the mystical pink lakes of Las Coloradas, Akomplice readied their Spring/Summer collection and set sail for the heart of the Yucatan. Wanting to display unity with Mexico in the face of the boarder wall, deportations, immigration ban and general tyranny, the brand selected local models to rock their Spring/Summer collection silhouetted against pink lakes, blue skies and the natural beauty of Las Coloradas. While the lookbook displays denim jackets, raw edge button ups, and heavy knit blended t-shirts all made of almost entirely organic cotton and recycled poly, the story isn't complete without the adventure it took to tell it. 

From street soccer with local children to immersion in the ritual of Carnival and getting kicked out from climbing salt mines, Akomplice and their crew experienced the Yucatan culture by participating in it. The brand set out to tell a story of Mexican-American unity and did just that by accepting an invitation into the Yucatan way of life and reciprocating. The lookbook and corresponding story stills are meant to act as a unification between two cultures, underscored by the tangible Mexican x American flag by Nacho Becerra, which is part of an upcoming Akomplice artist series.

The Spring and Summer Collections are now available on the Akomplice Webstore.