Photos By Beth Saravo

For Immediate Release

Akomplice x Nacho Becerra "Mi Bandera"

Mi Bandera is more than a flag, shirt or collection, it’s a statement. 

Created in collaboration with Mexican-American artist, Nacho Becerra, Mi Bandera is a symbol of love, brotherhood and unity with Mexico. Standing staunchly against the border wall, ICE raids, separation of children from their parents, and the Trump administration’s general characterization of Mexican people, the Mi Bandera project aims to celebrate the confluence of two cultures by blending traditional Mexican serape fabric with the stars of the US flag. According to Becerra, the flag represents “all of the people striving to be legal in the beautiful and abundant country of the United States.” 

In addition to the flag, Becerra’s art adorns a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats that were shot over the course of three days in Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles. The choice to shoot subjects of all ages, ethnicities and genders for the lookbook was intentional, as they’re representative of the diverse cross-section of those who love and support Mexico, its people, and its culture. Closeups of each person’s face and shoes and the wrinkles that adorn each symbolize our varied paths and common humanity. Rock the flag, show the world where you stand.

Mi Bandera is available on the Akomplice Webstore and at specialty retailers worldwide.


Printed On Shirt:
Brotherhood, love, culture, common continent, unity, and appreciation are all aspects of what this flag represents. Portions of Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah all formerly belonged to Mexico. It is the most popular vacation destination for Americans and is the world's third largest buyer of US products. Mexico has one of the warmest, most tranquil and most loving cultures in the world. It is important we credit people with Mexican heritage living in the United States for making it a better place to live. Nacho Beccera is an artist and US citizen who immigrated from Mexico when he was 16. He created the "Mi Bandera" artwork seen on this shirt. He chose to use the traditional Mexican serape fabric because, to him, its colors represent all of the people striving to be legal in the beautiful and abundant country of the United States. In light of the threatening ICE raids and proposed border wall, we wanted to create a symbol of our solidarity with Mexico and with people of Mexican heritage. Nacho's flag was the perfect symbol. United we stand.