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What’s good, Wanted to reach out to you with our latest lookbook. We took a journalistic approach and covered what’s going on in Colorado with the legalization of marijuana. Check the vibrant photos and press release below. Hope you can post. Let me know if you need anything else.

Photos by Jason Siegel Photography

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Press Release
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Akomplice Summer Lookbook 14
- Marijuana For The Future

After watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta's CNN special titled "WEED," Akomplice decided that it was time to shoot another one of their journalistic lookbooks on their home states', now legal, magic plant. The episode showcased how Colorado's medical and recreational marijuana was saving the lives of patients experiencing deadly seizures and helping battle cancer.

For their Summer 2014 lookbook, Akomplice earned unprecedented access to Native Root’s legal marijuana grow operation and Colorado’s 420 rally. With over 500 pounds of marijuana on hand, safe rooms mirrored maximum security vaults and served as fertile ground to display the brand's summer offering. The Summer Collection served a colorful contrast against the magnificent jungle of plants and was modeled by Jeff Cormack of indie band South of France and Mass Prod of Foodchain. Collection standouts include long and short sleeve button ups, jogger pants, sublimation tees and a slew of detailed cut and sew patterns, not to mention custom tie dyes fitting for the environment. Akomplice immersed themselves in the city's 420 rally, which is a veritable freedom festival for the legalization of marijuana. With the first $40 million in tax revenue generated from Denver's legal marijuana trade being donated to school construction, Akomplice's "smoke weed for the children" stance has never been more firm. Look for the Summer Collection to debut at Akomplice retailers and the brand's Webstore in the coming weeks. Also, be sure to stay up to date on the groundbreaking medical advances that this once blacklisted plant species is making possible.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's CNN "WEED"-